CEV TV -Ao Vivo Marcha Pra Jesus em SP

12:25 - Banda Baque being interviewed after their show, at the March for Jesus concentration.
12:19 - Bishop Fernanda Hernandes interviews Bishop Betao, currently living and preaching in Africa. Along with him, a group of Christians from South Africa.
12:16 - Bishop Fernande interviews Keila Lima live from the main electric trunk.
12:16 - Bishop Sonia prays for the city, along with the women and families.
12:16 - Bishop Sonia Hernandes live from the +QV electric trunk.
12:13 - More than 12 hours of praise and worship with Gabriela Rocha, Fernanda Brum, Ao Cubo, Andre Valadao, Eyshila, Banda do PA, Damares, Thalles Roberto, Aline Barros, Cassiane, Diante do Trono and many more.
12:11 - Bispa Sonia Hernandes prays for the city.
12:07 - Bispa Fernanda interviews Patricia Limonge, live from the electric trunk.
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